ACTS 2015


  • Gig: Samstag, 13 Juni 2015


Behind the name Scarlet Burst, there are three passionated musicians called Nicola Rechsteiner (Vocals, Guitar), Felix Burkhalter (Guitar) and Domi Dettling (Drums). Inspired by bands like Papa Roach, Blink 182, Foo Fighters, A day to remember and far too many more, we decided to make our own band and become famous rockstars like our idols. There's one thing we know for sure, we love what we do and we couldn't think of a life, without the band anymore. Even tough we only exist since three years, we've already gone trough a lot of ups and downs, many line up changes and we even survived puberty. But looking back, those experiences only made us stronger, like the cool people say "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." We tried to write our own songs since the first day and when we think back on our first few top ten hits, we can proudly say, that we got better at it. It's always good to see an improvement. Since our first show in 2011, we played some really cool concerts and nobody could deny it, we got addicted to it. We reached the third place on a band contest called band-it, played the let's rock festival, break the silence festival, the albani festival, several bars and on several birthday parties from our grand mothers. There's nothing, that comes close to the feeling of playing a rock show and see the people that like us going crazy and the ones that hate us even more. Our music is mainly inspired by the things we feel and dream about. So our songs mostly turn out to be about love, hate, girls, love, partying, pets, love and candy. It's impossible to write a good song, about something you don't really feel, so we always try to give the song all we got and put our whole hearts in it.
Like every other band on this planet we know we wouldn't be anything without the people that support us, so we can't thank you enough for making all those things happen!

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